Earlier this year, when I was getting ready for my show at Rehoboth Art League, I was looking through the archives for a few images that would fit in a gallery with The Mermaid Project images. I settled on a theme of Mythic Portraiture. I had a fair amount of work that fit within that scope, and it blended well with the merfolk. I was town about my Sleeping Beauty image. It was originally a commercial piece for a theater production and seemed a little glib for a gallery show. Before giving up, I wondered if I could revisit it, rework it, and give it a more mythic and fine art feeling. I rolled up my sleeves and spread out my virtual tools and came up with a Victorian treatment for it. I was still not sure. But, my policy became, “Print everything, edit later”. I ordered it on the most luxurious fine art paper that my lab uses and waited for its return.

Sleeping beauty, with long blond hair and green and gold dress, lies sleeping in an ornate, wood panelled and carved stone atrium with a stained glass thistle above her.  Sleeping Beauty lies in her place of honor, safe, but unmoving. She awaits the kiss that will reawaken her.

When it arrived in the mail, I knew what it was. I was hesitant. I did not want to dislike it. When it fell out of the shipping envelope, still in its protective sleeve, I gasped. Even clouded behind plastic, I could see that it was shockingly beautiful. “Well, I guess that is going in the show, then,” was the first thing that sailed through my mind. “Actually, I think that might sell.”And, so it came to pass: it was the first red dot that went up the night of my opening. Even better: it wasn’t the last.

Prints on that same lush, fine art paper are for sale. As a small, unlimited edition print, it is among my most affordable prints available right now.

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