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It has been a busy time. Sadly, both my print on demand book maker and my online gallery sales portal both closed up shop, so I needed to research and enroll with new providers. Thankfully, there are lots of great bloggers and articles out there, so doing the research was easy. I do A LOT of research.  I thought I’d share my choices with just in case you need any of these services.

New online gallery and sales portal: PIXIESET

As in all things, I strive to find the service provider with the best value proposition for me. In my case, I wanted an attractive, flexible, and intuitive (for both my clients and myself) interface; a choice of plans to meet my varying needs; and confidence in high quality products. Pixieset was already networked with my professional lab, so I knew I’d be happy with the printed products. They have plans from free to $8 per month and up. The free hosting plan means a 15% fee on all orders, so if you are doing more than about $550 in orders in a year, it’s well worth it to make at least one upgrade.

If you want to use Pixieset, please use my REFERRAL LINK and receive 250mb of free additional storage space with any plan.


New On Demand Book Printing: MIXBOOK

I started using Mixbook last year for a great big travel documentary project. My client gifted me a copy of the final product, so I know they are as lovely as the reviews suggested. Quality and a decent album making software were my real priorities for this service. Mixbook has that. I just made up another one, and it took me less than a day for a textless product of 29 pages.

Use my REFERRAL LINK and get $20 off your first Mixbook order.



I have been a longtime client of White House Custom Color. I have accounts with a number of big professional labs. They all do good work, but WHCC is my go to. My entire show last year was printed with their services, from the aluminum prints, to the canvas, to the stunning Torchon paper giclees. They do not have a referral program, but, if you need a great lab with great value in their pricing, head on over.

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    Thanks! Great resources!

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