My Favorite Online Photo Resources, 2016

The resources I use most for my on-going photographic education have changed over the years. I’m going to share with you the three I go to the most right now, and, in return, I’d like to know what places feed your mind and your creativity. Digital Photography Review was the first, best gold standard for […]

The Triangle Effect – Composition Tool #1

In my first photographic technique tip, I shared with you the handy exposure elements chart that had helped me bring together my understanding of how the basic variables of exposure work together to effect your picture: f-stop (and its effect on depth of field), shutter speed (and its effect on motion), and ISO (with its […]

How I Became a Photographer, Part 1

OK, it’s time for another common question I get. Not surprisingly, many people want to know, “How did you become a photographer?” I tend to answer along one of two lines, either, “I have always been a photographer,” or, “Well, it was a long and winding road.” I’ll speak bit to all of that. I […]

Exposure – fitting the puzzle pieces together

As a photographer, I get questions people of all ages and interests about how to make better pictures. There are many angles from which one can work on their photography, but one of the most devilsome for many is understanding the basic variables of exposure – what they are, how they work together, and how […]