Hutterite – A Photo Book (also, more on memory)

Kelly Hofer is a fantastic Canadian photographer. He grew up in the Hutterite culture and began his photography as a teen in that community. He is Kickstartering a book of his work from that life: Hutterite, A Photo Book. ( days left, and it is just beautiful work.   Check out the article and the […]

Photography is Good for You

As soon as I posted my last blog, Photography is Bad for You, I knew I really had to follow it up, and quickly with this one: Photography is good for you. When I say “you”, clearly, I mean me. Photography is good for me. There, that’s the correct way to talk about it. I […]

More on Memory, Photography, and Forgetting

I have been thinking about photography and memory since I wrote the blog about it. Maybe I always have. Here’s a another story touching on those subjects. It introduces forgetting, too, though I do not think that word is ever used. Yes, photography is spiritual stuff. Fragments of a Life: A Curbside Mystery Thank you, […]

Photography is bad for you.

I had not planned to write this blog until I woke up this morning, in pain, again. A lot of pain. I did not quite have to use my hands to pick my head up, but it was close. I’ve been there before, and I never want to go there again. I probably will, but […]