Almost There!

7mermaidslayeredMy show at The Rehoboth Art League, The Mermaid Project, Chapter One: Confinement, is right on schedule. The gallery posted a page for the show recently. The opening is Friday, May 12, 2017. Please RSVP at my Facebook event, so that I may look forward to seeing you there. They have scheduled a gallery talk on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 2p.m. There’s a Facebook event for that, too.

All the printing is done, a combination of canvas, aluminum, and fine art paper. There will be mermaids, plus some other mythically themed portraiture.  Next up is some framing for the fine art paper prints, and then I pack and ship it all.

I am glad that I set my schedule to get everything done with lots of time. Working in the 11th hour only makes me stressed and unhappy. I maintain some work life balance this way, too. I am looking forward to my parents visiting for my Dad’s birthday. We are taking that old naval officer to the National Museum of the Pacific War, featuring the Admiral Nimitz Museum. Nimitz was from Fredricksburg, Texas. The museum is based around his home. It is widely respected as a terrific accomplishment in museum design and experience, and it is so well attended that more points of interest are springing up there all the time.

My Dad grew up with special interest in the Pacific Theater: his father was the Officer on Duty during Pearl Harbor, and his vessel was the first sunk in the attack. My Dad and his brother and mother listened as the bombs rained down. After that, the family moved back to the mainland, and my grandfather shipped out to the pacific for the duration of the war. I’ll share some family photos and tokens from that with you in another post. After all, historical photography is one of the main reasons that I became a photographer. Sometimes, the personal and familial meets the wider narrative of history.

When we get back to Austin, we have another great plan. As my dad came of age in the SoCal car culture of the 50s, he’s going to love hot rod weekend, too.


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