Almost There!

My show at The Rehoboth Art League, The Mermaid Project, Chapter One: Confinement, is right on schedule. The gallery posted a page for the show recently. The opening is Friday, May 12, 2017. Please RSVP at my Facebook event, so that I may look forward to seeing you there. They have scheduled a gallery talk […]

How I Became a Photographer, Part 1

OK, it’s time for another common question I get. Not surprisingly, many people want to know, “How did you become a photographer?” I tend to answer along one of two lines, either, “I have always been a photographer,” or, “Well, it was a long and winding road.” I’ll speak bit to all of that. I […]

My Favorite Photographer?

Our world loves to argue about which one thing, of anything, is the best. I, myself, have never been much for these conversations, these contests of absolute rightness. I’m more of a “find what works for you, and go with that” kind of woman. As a photographer, the three most common most/best questions I get […]