The Instagrams are growing

My Instagram accounts are growing and are all filled with images not seen on any of my websites. I’d love to hear what your reactions are, and if you have any suggestions on where to connect them or how to improve them for my viewers. Even though I am an image maker, I gravitate to […]

New Gear!

I am getting ready for some serious time on the road. Yeehaw! With travel in mind, I bit the bullet and got a new travel tripod. My major concern was balancing weight, packability for flights,  and stability. I was not 100% gung-ho for one thing over the other. As is my way, I researched for […]

Tools for Composition

It’s been a busy year of business, social media, web design, Photoshop explorations, etc. What I have not done a lot of is use my cameras. It’s time to get back to that. As I think on photo making in a broader sense, my mind comes back, again and again, to one of the finest […]

Bresson Quotes

I came across one of many great Henri Cartier Bresson quotes as the intro to Howard Zehr’s book The Little Book of Contemplative Photography, Seeing with Wonder, Respect, and Humility (you get that this is right up my alley, right?): For me the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity, the master […]

For those who worry when facing the camera

I just shared this link with a friend. It’s a brilliant little video about how to pose to avoid the dreaded double chin. This is good advice for everyone, even the young and unbelievably perky can create that undesired look with poor posing. So many people talk about worrying about this when they get in […]

Hutterite – A Photo Book (also, more on memory)

Kelly Hofer is a fantastic Canadian photographer. He grew up in the Hutterite culture and began his photography as a teen in that community. He is Kickstartering a book of his work from that life: Hutterite, A Photo Book. ( days left, and it is just beautiful work.   Check out the article and the […]

Photography is Good for You

As soon as I posted my last blog, Photography is Bad for You, I knew I really had to follow it up, and quickly with this one: Photography is good for you. When I say “you”, clearly, I mean me. Photography is good for me. There, that’s the correct way to talk about it. I […]

More on Memory, Photography, and Forgetting

I have been thinking about photography and memory since I wrote the blog about it. Maybe I always have. Here’s a another story touching on those subjects. It introduces forgetting, too, though I do not think that word is ever used. Yes, photography is spiritual stuff. Fragments of a Life: A Curbside Mystery Thank you, […]